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Why would you do that? Well, I decided to do a 3 day water fast because after I got back from New York I just felt bloated, unhealthy, and not my best. A fast definitely seemed like it would check off all of those boxes. I initially planned to do a 7 day fast, but honestly, I quit after 84 hours. I just felt too unwell to continue. You eat nothing and you only drink water for 3 days. Although weight loss was not the only motivator to try a 3 day water fast, it was definitely an added bonus.

After getting back from NYC, I was carrying a lot of water weight.

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I generally follow a pretty low-carb diet, so adding in all the alcohol and pizza I ate made me retain a lot of water and I felt and looked pretty bloated.

I planned to start my 3 day water fast on a random Friday in February, but I had to abort at lunch time because I failed to remember I had a very important donor meeting and my boss was there too. It would be super weird not to eat lunch when a high-powered executive and wealthy prospective donor offers to take you to lunch.

So, I had to start later that night.

3 day water fast before and after reddit

My last meal was on Friday evening at around pm. I was definitely tired and I actually took a nap while my kids were napping. Although a lot of people who do a 3 day water fast do not include caffeine, I chose to include coffee and tea no sweeteners, artificial sweeteners or milk. Plus, caffeine is known to be an appetite suppressant and a metabolism booster, so I knew the caffeine would ease the experience a bit.

Overall, day one was fairly easy. I felt tired, and I did end up getting a pretty bad headache that night.

I just drank more water and tea and went to sleep really early. I woke up and weighed myself. I was down 2. Overall, day two was fairly simple. I actually found day two was the easiest of the three and a half days for me. On the third morning, I was down another 3.

To be completely honest, the third day was horrendous. I felt unwell all day. I was super short with them and generally just not that happy of a person. Also, I started having tons of food cravings and felt ravenously hungry. I had such a bad headache, my stomach felt so empty that it felt upset, my legs were giving out underneath me, and I was tired of the fast. I opted not to start refeeding until the morning of the fourth day.

I made it to 84 hours, and then I broke my fast on day 4. On the fourth day, I made a conscious decision to break the fast. After weighing myself I was down another 3 poundsand getting ready for work, I drank a cup and a half of bone broth.

I read a lot of articles about the refeeding period and I opted to have bone broth because I wanted to keep my body in ketosis. I also know that low-carb diets work the best for me for weight loss a lot of trial and errorso it felt silly to take myself out of that fat burning state right after the fast.

When I first drank the broth, my stomach felt a little odd, but I immediately noticed my headache that had lasted all night long slowly faded away.Water fasting is an ancient cleansing method used to heal and detoxify the body. Below you will find water fasting before and after pictures, water fasting results pictures, as well as information on how to water fast correctly and most efficiently.

Water fasting is the process of consuming only water. As mentioned, water fasting is used to detoxify the body; it may also be practiced for religious reasons and requirements. It is important to remember that prolonged periods of water fasting can lead to serious health implications. Decide how long the water fast will last. This can be anywhere from three to thirty days, although if you are new to water fasting, it is best to start off with short fasts first, to gauge your bodies reaction.

Decide when to carry out the fast. Try to avoid fasting when it may interrupt your daily routine. Pick a time that is suitable, and that will allow you to avoid any instigators of stress. When fasting, you may have feelings of tiredness and loss of stamina. Ensure to rest often and try to not overwork yourself. Ensure to drink at least seven 8 oz. This can be spring bottled water, or tap water. If you wish to fast for an extended period of time, replacing water with juice is a great way to ensure your body is being delivered essential nutrients during the fast.

If you feel the undying urge to eat solid food, ensure to break your fast only with easily digestible foods. This means the avoidance of processed foods in favor of fruits and vegetables. Heavy exercise is best avoided during the fasting process.


Light forms of restorative yoga may be practiced instead, or light walks. Light exercise will help with the overall detoxification process, as well as help to build strength.

Preparation is key to any successful task, including fasting. The best thing you can do is ensure to each a fruit and vegetable based diet for three days before the fast begins. This will help to reduce any of the nasty side effects such as fatigue that may ensue once you begin fasting. The first and most impressive physical change I spotted was the brightness within my eyes, which lead to many compliments on a daily basis, as well as a decreased sensitivity to sunlight.

I also managed to shed a lot of unwanted pounds during my fast, and I feel as though my body has been sufficiently cleansed. My skin feels incredibly smooth, and some scars have slightly dissipated. My hair feels far healthier than it did before fasting, and my teeth appear much whiter than they once did. Both my hair, and my teeth, feel stronger thanks to water fasting. I have also noticed a lack of body odor.

I refrain from washing with soap, yet produce little odor. I am yet to recover all of my strength, but my energy levels feel spiked, and I feel no hindrance on the level of activity I am able to exert.

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I wake up feeling refreshed and extremely positive. Overall, I feel more comfortable with my physical appearance after the fast, especially my skin and eyes.Can I do a 5 day waterfast with no electrolytes? Question self. On which day did you start seeing results Advice needed self. Recovering from 40 day fast Question self. Does water fasting lose weight all around the body or just the torso? Advice needed self. Healing from Diverticulosis Question self. Starting my first 21 day water fast Water Fasting self.

Black seed oil while on water fast? Advice and encouragement appreciated for problems with vomiting Support needed self.

Extended fasting vs shorter extended fasts Advice needed self. I will start prolonged water fasting today someone else? Water Fasting self. Day 5: Last night I was very hungry and that feeling lasted well over two hours. This morning I woke up hungry but aside from that I feel fine.

My two lbs loss this morning has provided some motivation. Water Fasting i. Starting a 30 day water fast! Starting weight kg Water Fasting self. On day four of my second extended waterfast! This one is going easier than the first one. Feeling great. How long can I safely water fast?

Any takers? Accountability self. To lose and keep off weight asap? Question for all who have worked and fasted at the same time. Did you drink coffee or tea while water fasting?

How to Do a Bone Broth Fast

Join the Water Fasters Discord Server! Water fasting discord every time i post we see st least 10 new users so here it is again Lots of support. Dont quit keep it up : Accountability discord. Weigh now kgs Goal Weight 80 kgs Question self. Day 1 Accountability self. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.To be honest, fasting for 3 days was brutal. I experienced nausea and an increased heart rate. It was concerning. Ultimately, I ended up experiencing significant fasting benefits from my 3 day fast. But there was one thing I wish I did differently. To skip the science and further information on a 3 day fast, click here.

Most people do a 3 day fast where they have some diluted fruit and vegetable juices, in combination with lemon water spiced with cayenne pepper for an enhanced cleansing effect. Throughout history, people have undertaken fasts for spiritual or religious reasons. In the contemporary age, water fasting is becoming more popular in the natural health and wellness movements, as well as amongst biohackers. I was getting mixed messages from my research, so decided if I was going to go through the experience, I may as well do a full water fast.

This decision nearly destroyed me. Are you addicted to certain types of foods or stimulants? Examples could be sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes. If you are, make sure you progressively reduce consumption of them in the weeks leading up to your 3 day fast.

The same goes for all types of processed and fried foods, dairy products, and meat. You should reduce the consumption of these in the days leading up to the fast. Finally, 3 to 4 days before the fast make sure you shift your diet to blended food and boiled vegetables only. I want to emphasize the importance of the preparation period.

I paid the price. You should avoid the temptation to eat a big meal or any junk food. Keep the following tips in mind:. According to researchers from the School of Gerontology and the Biological Sciences at the University of California, fasting for 3 days can regenerate the entire immune system.

Then when you re-feed, the blood cells come back. So we started thinking, well, where does it come from? Prolonged fasting forces the body to use its stores of glucose, fat, and ketonesand it also breaks down a significant portion of white blood cells. Now, if you start with a system heavily damaged by chemotherapy or aging, fasting cycles can generate, literally, a new immune system. You may have heard of ketosis before.

Ketosis is the process of burning fat directly from fat tissue. According to Dr. Tallis Barkera holistic consultant, our bodies have two methods of metabolization. The first is the usual way we metabolize carbohydrates. Most people never experience the second method, which is ketosis. There are numerous benefits to putting your body into a state of ketosis.

It causes feelings of euphoria and cognitive focus, increases insulin resistance, and improves mitochondrial efficiency. It takes anywhere from 48 hours to one week to enter ketosis, according to Dr.

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And with that comes increased pressure. But at this price. Is Trevor Siemian still the starting quarterback.

I Went on a 3 Day Water Fast and This is What Happened

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3 day water fast before and after reddit

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I just finished a 3 day (72 hour) water fast. It was brutal.

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3 day water fast before and after reddit

So, make your picks and get ready to make your moves over at MyBookie. Note: These lines were taken from VegasInsider. All games are Saturday. Conor McGregor fight is drawing so much interest.

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Betting odds for Conor McGregor continue to improve thanks to sizable wagers rolling in on the Irishman for his fight against Floyd Mayweather. Editor's Picks'The Super Bowl of boxing': How Vegas made Mayweather-McGregor oddsThe last time famous Las Vegas oddsmaker Jimmy Vaccaro made a fighter a -2,700 favorite, the year was 1990 and Mike Tyson was fighting Buster Douglas. Here is the story of how Vegas made odds on the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight.

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3 day water fast before and after reddit

The Mayweather-McGregor fight will take place on Saturday, Aug. The Week 10 slate starts with a bang thanks to a divisional game in the Thursday slot and doesn't let up. Like the week prior, it boasts more unfamiliar teams against one another in interconference showdowns, such as when the New Orleans Saints collide with the Buffalo Bills.

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